The world rejects Trump, U.S. war-mongering at the United Nations

iran_anti-war.jpgDonald Trump and the agenda of war, sanctions and economic plunder he represents were met with outrage and ridicule at the United Nations this week. Speaking before the General Assembly, Trump gave an arrogant defense of his ultra-aggressive foreign policy and targeted many countries that are opponents or rivals of the United States. 

Evo Morales of Bolivia summed up the sentiments of many of the UN delegates  and people around the world  when he confronted Trump at the United Nations Security Council. Morales stated, "In recent months, the United States has demonstrated its contempt for international law and multilateralism. It constantly invades countries and launches missiles. The U.S. is not interested in justice or democracy ... Every time the U.S. invades countries, launches missiles, or finances regime change, it does it with a propaganda campaign claiming it is in the name of justice, freedom, democracy, human rights, or humanitarian concern."

Much of Trump's main UN address was directed against Iran. In an outrageous display of hypocrisy, he argued that Iran violates countries' sovereignty in the Middle East and desires nuclear weapons. That the United States has waged war on and occupied several Middle Eastern countries in recent years Libya, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan  was apparently of no importance to the president. As sanctions designed to destroy the Iranian economy go into effect, progressive people in the United States and all around the world are on alert to mobilize against this push for regime change.

Trump also attacked China, Venezuela, Palestine  the list goes on. The administration's performance at the United Nations reaffirmed the fundamental fact that the people of the United States, and poor and working people around the world have a common enemy in the U.S. government. 

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