Join the National March on Washington Saturday, March 21

Say No to Endless U.S. War in the Middle East

12:00 noon at the White House, 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

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ImageProxy (2) The Saturday, March 21 Rally and March at the White House is the culminating action of Spring Rising: an anti-war intervention, with four days of events in D.C. beginning March 18. Click here for the full schedule of events.

The Saturday, March 21 National Action in Washington, D.C., will be a powerful and dramatic action. We will be in the streets to reject the false logic of the Obama administration’s decision to commit the United States to wage “endless war” for generations to come in Iraq, Syria and throughout the Middle East.

It was Bush and Cheney's invasion and occupation of Iraq that fragmented Iraq. Hundreds of thousands were killed and millions made homeless or refugees. Communities were pitted against each other. The Pentagon occupation strategy funded and armed Iraqis along sectarian lines. A beautiful, unitary country was broken up. That is the reason the ISIS exists in Iraq.

The Obama administration used NATO to destroy the Libyan government in 2011. That is the reason that ISIS exists in Libya.

In Syria, the Obama administration supported and the CIA coordinated the flow of foreign arms and billions of dollars to armed groups fighting the Assad government. That is the reason ISIS exists in Syria today.

We reject the hollow, hypocritical and ridiculous arguments about the so-called imperative need for another U.S. war in Iraq and Syria. Instead, there should be accountability for the crisis in Iraq. We believe that George W. Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld should be prosecuted for initiating a war of aggression based on lies and for authorizing war crimes, and for the torture and brutal treatment of Iraqis detained at Abu Gharaib and other U.S. military prisons. That too is why ISIS exists in Iraq today.

Having created the space for ISIS to exist by destroying the governments that opposed ISIS (in Iraq and Libya) and by weakening the government in Syria through the agency of a foreign-funded civil war, the U.S. government is telling the American people that what is needed is more U.S. bombing and an open-ended war in the Middle East under the pretext of stopping ISIS.

The Saturday, March 21 National Action in Washington, D.C., is not the usual demonstration. Everyone needs to play a role.

We would like to ask you and your friends who are coming to the March 21 National Action to do one or more of the following:

ImageProxy (1)ImageProxy (3)Help expose and dramatize the scale of the war crimes being committed by the United States: Carry a flag-draped coffin representing the victims of U.S. bombing in Iraq, Syria, Libya and other countries. We will deliver these coffins to the doorstep of the White House and the D.C. offices of those who support the war machine.
ImageProxy (1)ImageProxy (4)Hold a picture of one of the thousands of people killed by U.S. bombs: Most of those who have been killed are civilians. Many are children. Holding the pictures of the victims of U.S. bombing helps break through the media propaganda barrage and tell the truth.
ImageProxy (1)ImageProxy (5)Participate in a Die-In: During the march from the White House, we will conduct a Die-In and deliver flag-draped coffins to the front doors of the D.C. offices of those who support the war machine.

Please make an urgently needed donation to help cover the costs of the March 21 demonstration, including purchasing flags and materials that will make this important demonstration a visible and dramatic expression of public anti-war sentiment.

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