Statement on Christian Peacemaker Teams

Statement on Christian Peacemaker Teams The ANSWER Coalition joins with the people all over the world, including those in the Middle East, who are calling for the release and safe return of the four peace activists in Iraq from the Christian Peacemaker Teams (CPT).

Dr. Sami Al-Arian Found Not Guilty

Dr. Sami Al-Arian found not guilty Demand his immediate release! Stop Bush's war against civil rights and civil liberties! The government failed in its attempt to gain a conviction in any of the 51 charges against Dr.

Support Students Racially Profiled & Brutally Arrested at Campus Anti-War Protest

Subscribe Support Students Racially Profiled & Brutally Arrested at Campus Anti-War Protest Take Action to Demand: Drop the Charges Now! Get involved! March 20, 2006: Youth and Student Day of Resistance Statement from Youth and Student A.

Families of Victims Take Out NY Times Ad

From the National Committee to Free the Cuban Five November 18, 2005 A powerful and moving full-page advertisement has appeared today, November 18, in the New York Times by Cuban families of the victims of terrorist Luis Posada Carriles.

March 18-20th Global Days of Action Call to Action

CALL TO ACTION November 11, 2005 This is not our war. The Bush administration has sent hundreds of thousands of young people in the armed forces to Iraq to kill and be killed in a war for Empire. Iraq has the second largest oil reserves on earth.

Stand in solidarity with the people of Venezuela and Cuba

Stand in solidarity with the people of Venezuela and Cuba In this email: December 2: National Venezuela Solidarity Day Reminder - November 8 Venezuela Solidarity event in New York City Update on letter writing campaign against the blockade of Cuba Donations are urgently needed The A.

Tell Bush, Congress, Commerce & Treasury: END THE U.S. BLOCKADE OF CUBA!

Tell Bush, Congress, and the Commerce & Treasury Departments: End the U.S. blockade of Cuba! Next Tuesday, November 8 - in one week - the United Nations General Assembly will vote for the 14th consecutive year on a resolution to end the blockade of Cuba.

October 29 Public Forum in Los Angeles

Building a People's Movement Against War & Racism October 29 Public Forum in Los Angeles a Step Forward Panelists and participants in the October 29 forum in LA On Saturday, October 29, a multinational crowd of more than 70 participated in public forum on the struggle against war and racism.

Hundreds of Howard U. Students Greet Laura Bush With Protest

On October 27, hundreds of Howard University students greeted Laura Bush with a militant protest against the war in Iraq, the criminally negligent and racist conduct of the federal government in response to Hurricane Katrina and cuts in education.

November 6 Strategy Session for Youth & Students

Having closed its eyes to the government's continued disregard for the poor and disproportionately Black population of the Gulf Coast, the big business media has clearly decided that the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina is no longer an "it" story.


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