Dec. 23 day of action: No Christmas as usual during a genocide!

We demand a ceasefire, an end to all U.S. aid to Israel, freedom for all Palestinian prisoners and the end of the occupation from the river to the sea!

Shut It Down actions protest stepped-up U.S.-Israeli assault on Gaza

The Shut It Down For Palestine movement returned to the streets yesterday for another powerful day of action to protest Biden and Netanyahu’s genocide in Gaza.

TAKE TO THE STREETS: Stop the U.S./Israeli genocide in Gaza!

The Biden administration and Israel have ignored the demands from the people of the world for a permanent ceasefire, now we must take to the streets with even more intensity than before to stop the genocide!

Palestine will be free! Nationwide protests mark International Day of Solidarity

November 29 marks the International Day in Solidarity with the Palestinian People. All around the world people took part in demonstrations expressing their determination to keep up the fight until Palestine is free -- including here in the heart of empire.

Black Friday shut down: No profits until Palestine is free!

On the most profitable day of the year for major retailers, the movement to Shut It Down for Palestine held another powerful day of action nationwide.

A Pause Is Just That: A Pause -- We Demand a Permanent Ceasefire!

The steadfast resilience and resistance of the Palestinian people has delivered a 4-day pause in the ongoing genocide while securing the imminent release of 150 Palestinian political prisoners.

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