Medical terrorism: Iran battling COVID-19 is hit with new U.S. sanctions

Amid COVID-19: USA activates new phase of violence and coup d’état against Venezuela

This statement was issued by the Platform of Venezuelan Social Movements Against the Blockade

Coronavirus & the blockade: Message from Cuba’s Ambassador to China, Carlos Miguel Pereira Hernández

The U.S. transport company that was hired to carry the donation to Cuba rejected it at the last minute arguing that the rules of the economic, commercial, and financial blockade against the destination country, heightened by the current U.S. administration, barred it from doing so.

"The Feeling of Being Watched": You Have Rights

Today a million Iraqis marched. Tomorrow 202 cities march. No to war!

The Danger of War Continues - Join Anti-War Protests

Emergency demonstrations for Wed. Jan. 8 announced: "Step back from the brink -- No war with Iran!"

It is Trump and his administration which bear the full responsibility for the threat of a new and devastating war

Sat. Jan. 25 – Global Day of Protest – No War On Iran!

On Saturday, January 25 in cities across the globe, there will be protests against a new war in the Middle East. Please join us.  #NoWarOnIran


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