Video: Venezuela’s Great Housing Mission

As a part of La Gran Misión Vivienda Venezuela (GMVV) – The Great Venezuela Housing Mission, the Venezuelan government has built 2.6 million homes, and millions more are planned to house the people of Venezuela.

SF Bay Area activists demand end to imperialist aggression against Venezuela

On Saturday, March 9, a spirited rally and march took place in San Francisco demanding an end to U.S. imperialist aggression against Venezuela.

VIDEO: Anti-war activists protest seizure of Venezuelan diplomatic buildings by coup supporters

The illegitimate, Venezuelan “ambassador” to the United States appointed by coup leader Juan Guaidó attempted to hold a press conference March 19 announcing that he had seized control of diplomatic compounds

U.S. Escalates War Against Venezuela - Eyewitness Caracas

Dispatch from Gloria La Riva: "As Venezuela is plunged into darkness again, huge mobilizations took place today in opposition to the Trump administration's war against the government."

Sanctions on Venezuela are no alternative to war — they ARE war

The strategy is to weaken and isolate the country, spread discontent through suffering, and allow the possibilities of regime change and intervention to ripen over time.

San Francisco Labor Council Resolution: Hands Off Venezuela

San Francisco Labor Council endorse and supports upcoming National March on Washington

Video: Venezuelan people mobilize against U.S. aggression

ANSWER Coalition leader Gloria La Riva is in Venezuela as part of a Liberation News team combating the war-mongering narrative about the country pushed by the corporate media.


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