Demonstrations mark National Day of Action Against Police Brutality

October 22 is commemorated across the country as a day of action against police brutality.

Protesters fight back against Trump administration's outrageous attack on trans people

News emerged on Oct. 21 that the Trump administration was preparing a sweeping attack on the trans community, and people across the country immediately came into the streets to say "No!"

Workers stand up for their rights

In recent days, the struggle of unions at Marriott Hotels and in the University of California hospital system have given another injection of energy to the movement.

Stop Banking the Bomb - Three cities, three protests, one target: PNC Bank

The Stop Banking the Bomb campaign conducted its first triple city coordinated action against PNC Bank.

Ahead of UN vote on blockade, ANSWER mobilizes in solidarity with Cuba

The ANSWER Coalition is building solidarity with Cuba ahead of an important UN vote to condemn the U.S. blockade of the country

Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom crudely photoshops ANSWER sign for campaign ad

Phony "resistance" politicians again attempt to co-opt imagery of radical movement

Protesters denounce right-wing bigot Ben Shapiro at University of Southern California

University of Southern California students and the Los Angeles community united Oct. 4 in a powerful protest and march against the racist, far-right bigot Ben Shapiro who spoke on campus.

U.S. diplomats under attack? "First it was sonic weapons, now microwave. What's next? Kryptonite?"

The Cuba and Venezuela Solidarity Committee reviews the history of the incidents reported by U.S. diplomats in Cuba and of the ever-changing explanations for them.

Night Out Against Police Brutality in Sarasota, Florida

On October 2, protesters rallied outside the Sarasota Police Department headquarters to demand justice for the survivors of local police brutality.

Justice Center en El Barrio joins the fight against new jails in NYC

The Justice Center en El Barrio has been engaged in the fight against the New York City's outrageous plan to spend $10 billion building new jails


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