The people demand justice for Botham Shem Jean and Darell Richards!

Outrage has swept the country in the wake of more racist police killings

URGENT: Demand safety for South Carolina prisoners during Hurricane Florence

With Hurricane Florence bearing down on the mid-Atlantic and Southeast, incarcerated people are in extreme danger.

Los Angeles marches to demand climate justice

On September 8, the ANSWER Coalition joined a broad coalition of progressive groups to organize a major demonstration in Los Angeles as part of the national Rise for Climate Day of Action.

Nationwide prison strike a milestone in the struggle against mass incarceration

It has been a huge success of the 2018 prison strike that the 10 points have been pushed into the national and international consciousness.

Message from the Cuba and Venezuela Solidarity Committee on the 20th anniversary of the arrest of the Cuban Five

By imprisoning the Five, the United States tried to punish the Cuban people for defending themselves against terrorism.

Lead Out Now! campaign builds support in Chicago: People's Public Hearing Sept. 22

The ANSWER Coalition supports the important work of the Lead Out Now! campaign in Chicago.

ANSWER National Director Brian Becker on the anonymous New York Times Op-ed

New analysis from ANSWER National Director Brian Becker

October 20-21: Women's March on the Pentagon

The ANSWER Coalition encourages its supporters to attend the Women's March on the Pentagon.

Actions held across the country to support heroic prison strike

The nationwide prison strike continues to grow and gather momentum among incarcerated people across the country.

Freedom for Mumia Abu-Jamal! Court continues case until October - Struggle continues

World-renowned political prisoner Mumia Abu-Jamal's case was in court August 30 in Philadelphia. He will be back in court in October. Keep up the struggle for his freedom!


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