Emergency Campaign to Support the Haitian People: For Independence, Democracy, Justice

We urge you to join us in showing your support for the Haitian people. We must act now to show concrete expressions of solidarity. We will be sending urgently needed medicines to Haiti. The long-term need in Haiti is for the social and economic transformation of the island and for the Haitian people to be able to reclaim political and economic sovereignty over their country.

15,000 Join Together in Militant Protest While Bush Speaks

The spirit of last night's demonstration was noteworthy. The atmosphere of fear and intimidation created by the police in the last days only made the crowd more determined. Nearly two thousand people have been arrested in the last week, many in mass sweeps and in so-called "pre-emptive" arrests.

Make noise at the Garden tonight!

ALL OUT ON THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 2ND AT MADISON SQUARE GARDEN! While Bush is accepting the nomination ... Join us outside of Madison Square Garden to say: U.S. Out of Iraq! Bring the troops home now! End the Colonial Occupation of Iraq, Haiti, Palestine and everywhere! Gather at 7 pm at 8th Ave.

Protest when Bush is coronated:

At the moment George Bush is receiving his well-scripted coronation on Thursday evening, September 2, the streets around Madison Square Garden will be filled by people who stand together against the Iraq war, the colonial occupations of Haiti and Palestine, and the U.

Report from New York

Report from New York ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Permit obtained for September 2 demonstration Today's huge demonstration in New York City revealed the depth of opposition both to Bush's criminal war in Iraq and its reactionary assault on civil rights and civil liberties at home.

A.N.S.W.E.R Coalition's Position on Activities in the Great Lawn of Central Park

Downloadable flyers: half page full page The A.N.S.W.E.R. Coalition is announcing today plans to distribute tens of thousands of leaflets at New York City subway stops today and tomorrow morning informing people of their basic rights regarding the use of the Great Lawn and Central Park.

The Power of the People

The political equation is changing very rapidly in New York City since Friday, August 20. The legal and political challenge has created a political crisis for the Bloomberg Administration. The lawsuit filed by the attorneys for the National Council of Arab Americans and the A.

Stop Panama's release of anti-Cuba terrorists

The U.S. government is directing the Panamanian president En Español Download formatted version Dear friends of Cuba: Before her term ends at the end of August, Panama’s president, Mireya Moscoso, has plans to pardon the four notorious anti-Cuba terrorists who were arrested November 2000 in Panama City for attempting to assassinate Cuban President Fidel Castro.

We Will Stand Together for Civil Rights and Against War

Today, the Federal District Court in New York City refused to order Mayor Bloomberg and the City to grant the permit for the historic civil rights and civil liberties rally on the Great Lawn of Central Park in New York City.

Update on Today's Hearing in Free Speech Lawsuit

The drama of the free speech battle in New York City riveted the attention of a packed courtroom filled with supporters and media today as the attorneys for the National Council of Arab Americans and the A.

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