Statement on the humanitarian crisis in Asia

Statement on the humanitarian crisis in Asia The world has witnessed the greatest natural disaster in the lifetime of most of the people now living. The expressions of human solidarity, stretching across countries and continents, is the one bright light.

Jan. 20: Line the inaugural route in DC by 9:00 am!

Line the Inaugural Route on January 20 Be there by 9:00 am! Four years ago as George W. Bush rode in his limousine along the Inaugural parade route, he was met by a sea of vocal protestors and anti-Bush signs.

Building Unity in the Global Anti-War Movement

Building Unity in the Global Antiwar Movement Become an endorser and supporter for March 19/20 Update: January 20 Counter-Inaugural Protest The A.N.S.W.E.R. Coalition in the United States issued a call in early October to mobilize for the March 19/20 Global Day of mass action.

Medicine Shipment to Haiti

Medicine shipment to Haiti ~ ~ ~ Dec. 5 rally in NYC The Emergency Campaign to Support the Haitian people, initiated by the A.N.S.W.E.R. Coalition and others, has been embraced by people all over the country who support justice for the people in Haiti.

Cuba/U.S./Mexico/Canada/Venezuela Labor Conference

En Español A very important conference — an encounter among Cuban, U.S., Mexican, Canadian, Venezuelan and other trade unionists — will take place in Tijuana, Mexico, the 10 th , 11 th , and 12 th of December, 2004.

Momentum builds for January 20 counter-inaugural demonstration in Washington DC

Preface: Pinochet and Bush - the troubles facing war criminals Learning a lesson from the trials and tribulations of the dictator Augusto Pinochet, who was indicted for crimes against humanity when he traveled outside of Chile, George W.

Action Alert - Stop Mark Williams' Hate Speech & Incitement

IMPORTANT Please distribute actively and widely! **Action items follow background** ======================================== Action Alert: On November 12, a talk show host of a powerful radio station in Sacramento, California wrote the following as his grand finale punch line about the passing of Palestine Authority President Yasser Arafat: "The appropriate headstone over the stiff would be a working urinal.

In Memory of Yasser Arafat

In Memory of a Fallen Leader In honor and remembrance of the passing of the Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Palestine Liberation Organization and President of the Palestine National Authority, Yasser Arafat, the Free Palestine Alliance - USA, joins our people in Palestine and throughout exile in calling on the Palestinian and Arab community and all peace and justice loving people in the United States to observe 3 full days of national mourning, remembrance, and a steadfast of reciprocal solidarity and unity.


STOP THE FALLUJAH ATTACK U.S. out of Iraq! After carrying out days of air strikes over Fallujah, late Sunday night and early Monday morning U.S. troops entered the western part of the city, seizing the hospital and two bridges - hoping to close off any possible escape from their planned slaughter.

Stand with the people of Fallujah

Take Action: Stand with the people of Fallujah Top U.S. Marine in Iraq Calls for Massacre in Fallujah The U.S. has surrounded the sealed off City of Fallujah and is preparing to launch the complete destruction of the city.

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