Stop Banking the Bomb campaign gets ready for a new year of struggle

Stop Banking the Bomb has many activities already planned to keep up the fight in 2019

Workers and farmers fight for justice in Japan

The following was compiled from reports from Yoshio Nakamura of Asia Wide Campaign (AWC) - Japan, an anti-war organization on the front lines of the country's progressive movement.

After decades of struggle, Civilian Review Board victory in New Haven, Ct.

On January 7, at its first meeting of the year, the New Haven Board of Alders passed an ordinance that creates a new independent Civilian Review Board to investigate police misconduct.

2 years of Trump: Take to the streets Jan. 19-21 to protest racism, war and bigotry, and to save the planet!

People across the country will be taking to the streets in huge numbers the weekend of January 19-21 to protest racism, war and bigotry, and to save the planet!

U.S. steps up shameless regime change push vs. Venezuela as President Nicolás Maduro sworn in for second term

The ANSWER Coalition is outraged at the blatantly interventionist declaration by the Trump administration that it will refuse to accept Nicolás Maduro as the legitimate president of Venezuela.

12 things you should know about Yemen

Stop U.S. Marine Corps Base Construction In Okinawa!

Protests as Israel launches deadly wave of airstrikes against besieged Palestinians in Gaza

The Israeli "Defense" Forces, which rely on billions of dollars of annual military aid from the U.S. government, launched a wave of airstrikes that has killed more than 10 Palestinians.

Travel to Cuba Dec. 29-Jan. 9 with the Cuba and Venezuela Solidarity Committee

Join the Cuba and Venezuela Solidarity Committee for a journey of a lifetime to experience Cuba in a specially-tailored people-to-people visit.

Stop Banking the Bomb! Pickets continue against nuclear war profiteers

The Stop Banking the Bomb campaign is keeping the pressure on PNC to divest from its immoral loans in weapons of mass destruction.

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