Pentagon Calls Off War Parade: Protest Matters!

Faced with universal opposition and planned mass protests of tens of thousands of people the Pentagon has called off the November 10 military parade glorifying war, militarism and Donald Trump.

Hood 2 La Gente: Puerto Rico Relief

Join us in supporting organizations putting in real work for la gente de Puerto Rico, not for the government and Wall Street.

Help Ramona Africa fight for her life

The ANSWER Coalition urges its supporters to help Ramona Africa, a tireless fighter for freedom for political prisoners, and justice and liberation for all people.

Nicaragua’s failed coup

By mid-July it became clear that, despite persistent images of near-collapse painted by the international press, the country appears to be returning to something close to normality.

A people's victory over fascism: 15,000 gather against Nazis and KKK in D.C.

The mass anti-racist, anti-fascist rally in front of the White House on August 12 was an amazing demonstration of strength and unity.

Mass Action Aug. 12: NO Nazis, NO KKK in D.C.

We won’t allow Washington, D.C., to be used as a stage to promote white supremacist hatred.

International Days for Peace in Colombia and against Death Squad and State Terror: August 5-11

Colombia Humana has called for August 7 to be a day of national actions in Colombia to demand an end to political violence, and that the peace accords be honored. The Alliance for Global Justice, School of the America’s Watch, People’s Human Rights Observatory, Task Force on the Americas, Party of Liberation and Socialism, Freedom Road Socialist Organization, Marcha Patriótica of California, Committee to Free Simón Trinidad, and Camino Común have called for August 5-11 to be International Days for Peace in Colombia and against Death Squad and State Terror.

Longtime leader in Nicaragua solidarity movement Chuck Kaufman takes on imperialist myths in "The Case Against Daniel Ortega"

"The coup has failed thanks to the support of the majority of the Nicaraguan people for peace, but half a billion dollars in damage has been done and the peace is incomplete ..."

Stop Banking the Bomb continues the fight against nuclear war profiteers

Stop Banking the Bomb has been organizing ongoing actions against PNC Bank for its role in investing in nuclear-related businesses, including on June 30 in Oakmont, PA, and July 20 at PNC Tower in downtown Pittsburgh.

New campaign: Lead Out Now! Chicago demands clean water

The ANSWER Coalition is supporting Lead Out Now! Chicago, an important new initiative to demand clean water and combat the racist, anti-working class administration of Mayor Rahm Emanuel that refuses to address the crisis.


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