Empire Files Gaza Film Premiere "Gaza Fights for Freedom" + Q&A with Abby Martin

Be the first to see the new Empire Files documentary, ‘Gaza Fights For Freedom’, at its world premiere at the Downtown Independent Theater in Los Angeles!

PHOTOS: Eyewitness Venezuela speaking tour challenges U.S. war machine's lies in over 40 cities

The ANSWER Coalition co-sponsored anti-war leader Gloria La Riva's "Eyewitness Venezuela" speaking tour that traveled to more than 40 cities

Stop the U.S. War Machine -- Hands off Venezuela and Iran!

The Trump administration is on a path to war with Venezuela and Iran -- the people must stand up and say NO!

VIDEO: Support the Venezuela embassy protectors!

Anti-war activists living in the Venezuelan embassy in Washington, D.C. are under siege by a right-wing mob supported by the Secret Service and other police agencies.

National Mobilization Saturday May 18 at the Venezuelan Embassy in D.C.

The Embassy Protection Collective is calling on all peace and social justice organizations and people from all over the United States to join together next Saturday, May 18, for a massive mobilization in Washington D.C. at the Venezuelan Embassy.

Support the Embassy Protection Collective, Demand Electricity Be Turned Back On

Mass mobilization — Saturday, May 11, 1pm

ANSWER Coalition participates in Korean May Day International Festival

Progressives in the Republic of Korea organized a 10-day multi-site festival with academic and artistic components to celebrate May Day 2019. The ANSWER Coalition was proud to attend as invited guests representing the U.S. anti-imperialist movement.

Update: Major Victory Tonight for Venezuelan Embassy Protection!

The administration and U.S. intelligence agencies coordinated with the ultra-right wing supporters of Juan Guaido to attempt to seize the Venezuelan Embassy in Washington, D.C. this afternoon but were completely shut down by the combination of stalwart disciplined activists who held their ground and a legal strategy that defined and asserted their rights.

Eyewitness Venezuela: 40+ City Speaking Tour with Gloria La Riva

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