Actions nationwide to demand: U.S. hands off Cuba!

On July 26 and the days leading up to it, events will be held in cities across the country to oppose U.S. intervention in Cuba.

Video: Let Cuba Live! End the U.S. blockade Now!

The US wants to topple the Cuban revolution but supporters of the revolution are fighting back. Watch an in-depth perspective of what's really happening in Cuba and a discussion of how we can build the movement to end the criminal blockade!

Koreans in Japan face new wave of discrimination

Biden bombs Syria and Iraq using manufactured specter of Iran to justify crimes

In yet another act of lawlessness and commitment to the despised doctrine of “endless war,” President Joe Biden ordered airstrikes on June 27 attacking Syria and Iraq. This is his administration's second time this year bombing Syria, and his first for Iraq. In typical fashion, the U.S. government is once again employing the manufactured specter of Iran to justify its crimes in the Middle East.

Progressive South Corean party interviews ANSWER organizer on situation in Korean peninsula

Read the interview, conducted by the People’s Democracy Party with ANSWER Coalition organizer Derek Ford, who has worked with the Korean movement for several years. The interview was translated and published in their Party organ, The Locomotive.

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