12 things you should know about Yemen

Stop U.S. Marine Corps Base Construction In Okinawa!

Protests as Israel launches deadly wave of airstrikes against besieged Palestinians in Gaza

The Israeli "Defense" Forces, which rely on billions of dollars of annual military aid from the U.S. government, launched a wave of airstrikes that has killed more than 10 Palestinians.

Travel to Cuba Dec. 29-Jan. 9 with the Cuba and Venezuela Solidarity Committee

Join the Cuba and Venezuela Solidarity Committee for a journey of a lifetime to experience Cuba in a specially-tailored people-to-people visit.

Stop Banking the Bomb! Pickets continue against nuclear war profiteers

The Stop Banking the Bomb campaign is keeping the pressure on PNC to divest from its immoral loans in weapons of mass destruction.

Eyewitness reports: Refugee caravan travels through Mexico

Gloria La Riva and a Liberation News team has traveled to southern Mexico to join the immigrant and refugee caravan as it makes its way north.

Indianapolis: No War on the Poor! Tell the City-County Council: “Reject Sit-Lie!”

We will fill the meeting room and demand that the committee and councillors reject the criminalization of homelessness in our city!

Washington, D.C.: Nepalese leaders featured at George Washington University & ANSWER event on 11/17

Over the past two decades, Nepal has undergone a major political transformation

Protests in solidarity with Yemen held in San Francisco and Albuquerque

ANSWER Coalition chapters in San Francisco and Albuquerque were main organizers of recent demonstrations against the U.S.-Saudi war on Yemen

Atlanta film screening and roundtable: The U.S. War on North Korea and Prospects for Peace

This roundtable brings together anti-war activists, cultural workers, and politically engaged scholars to address not only the looming spectacle of renewed U.S. war on North Korea but also the unending Korean War that hovers illegibly below the surface in the United States.


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