Shut It Down for Palestine continues with an even more massive day of action!

Cultural workers, students, shop owners, teachers, professors, healthcare workers, and people from across socioeconomic sectors will participate in the day of action through hundreds of walkouts, strikes, marches, boycotts, store closures, sit-ins, and more.

The Shut It Down for Palestine movement is just beginning

On Nov. 9, huge numbers of people in every region of the country made the call to “Shut It Down for Palestine” a reality.

Nov. 9 Global Day of Action: We are shutting it down for Palestine!

Teachers, students, media workers, doctors, food service workers, human rights defenders, cleaners, and people from all sectors of society are taking action to disrupt business as usual and demand an end to Israel’s genocidal war on Gaza.

November 9: Global Shutdown for Palestine!

Calling all healthcare workers! Joins us as we march for a free Palestine!

As healthcare workers, our mission is to heal people and save lives, and we have a vital role in shaping public opinion and revealing the truth of the genocide in Gaza.

March for Palestine logistics: Housing, parking, public transit & more

On Saturday, November 4, thousands of people from across the country will gather at 2:00 PM at Freedom Plaza for the National March on Washington for Palestine.

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