Ukraine War | Russia, the U.S., and the Nature of Imperialism

Is Russia an imperialist power, equivalent to countries like the United States, France or the UK? How has the imperialist world system been set up – and is Russia in the club, or out? Read more

ANSWER National Director speaks on The Fog of War Over Ukraine

Ukraine: Building the U.S. antiwar movement amid war fever and censorship

As the war frenzy builds in the United States, censorship of anti-NATO voices on the Ukraine war is nearly universal. How do we strengthen the movement against war in this climate of war fever? ANSWER Coalition organizer Walter Smolarek joins antiwar voices and journalists Eugene Puryear and Rania Khalek on BreakThrough News. Read more

Ukraine: Questions for the U.S. antiwar movement

Abby Martin and Brian Becker discuss the Ukraine war and what it means for the anti-war movement. Read more

The Untold History of NATO and Case for Its Abolition

NATO, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, is moving ever closer to Russia’s border. Russia views this as an existential threat – and a historic betrayal of key guarantees it was given by the west as the Soviet Union disintegrated. As Biden sends thousands of additional troops to Eastern Europe, the threat of war is growing by the day.

February 5 nationwide actions: No war on Russia!

Protest at the White House: Disband NATO! No war on Russia!

Workers in South Korea continue to struggle for equality January 15

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