The Untold History of NATO and Case for Its Abolition

NATO, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, is moving ever closer to Russia’s border. Russia views this as an existential threat – and a historic betrayal of key guarantees it was given by the west as the Soviet Union disintegrated. As Biden sends thousands of additional troops to Eastern Europe, the threat of war is growing by the day.

Report from Ethiopia: The untold story w/ journalists Eugene Puryear & Hermela Aregawi

a unique opportunity to hear from two journalists who have been providing unique and detailed coverage of the conflict in Ethiopia for the last year. Puryear will have recently returned from a trip to the Horn of Africa with BreakThrough News. Read more

U.S. Drone Massacres Family in Kabul as Final Act

As U.S. forces were preparing to evacuate Afghanistan after 20 years of war, the Pentagon conducted a deadly drone strike in a residential area in Kabul that killed all 9 members of a family who lived next door to the target. Read more

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