Singapore summit: Korea moves towards peace but Pentagon, Congress, corporate media want war

North Korea is a country with the right to self-determination just like any other, but its insistence on being treated with respect and negotiated with as an equal is being met with utter contempt.

ICE and Border Patrol: Guilty of murder! Rallies held for Roxsana Hernández and Claudia Gómez González

The recent deaths of Roxsana Hernández and Claudia Gómez González at the hands of Border Patrol and ICE caused outrage across the country.

The politics of the Trump-Kim Singapore summit

North Korea has made it perfectly clear in the past three weeks that a pre-condition for any version of denuclearization is an end to the U.S. policy of hostility.

Statement of unity by Korean Americans and allies on the historic Inter-Korean summit and the upcoming U.S.-North Korea summit

The ANSWER Coalition is a signatory to this important statement from a wide range of Korean American and other progressive organizations and individuals.

The U.S. media’s six lies about Hamas

Israel and the U.S government are trying to hide the reality of the recent massacres and war crimes against an unarmed population by shifting the focus and the responsibility to Hamas, the Palestinian organization that administers the government in Gaza.

Join the Poor People’s Campaign — Stand Against Poverty mass rally June 23 in D.C.!

Support the Poor People’s Campaign and its 40 Days of Action! Each week of the 40 Days of Action is dedicated to a particular aspect of the oppression and exploitation of poor people. Spread the word and join an event near you.

PHOTO + VIDEO: Community speak-out protests racist brutality at Sarasota police complaint committee meeting

At the latest hearing of the Sarasota, Florida, police complaint committee, community members voiced their outrage at racist police brutality

Solidarity with Venezuela's Bolivarian Revolution!

Since Nicolás Maduro's overwhelming re-election May 20, the U.S. government has stepped up its offensive against Venezuela and the country's Bolivarian Revolution that has empowered millions of poor and working people.

Stop Banking the Bomb campaign continues to grow

Stop Banking the Bomb brought its message to Beaver, Pennsylvania, and linked up with Beaver County Peace Links to protest PNC Banks continued investments in weapons of mass destruction.

Demonstration held at White House to protest Trump's racism, save TPS

Protesters gathered from across the country in Washington, D.C., May 19 to express outrage at the Trump administration's extreme racism and anti-immigrant policies. 


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