ANSWER activist a plaintiff on lawsuit defending the rights of the homeless in Albuquerque

The ANSWER Coalition is proud to be part of this lawsuit, and will continue its work fighting against attack on the homeless and demanding housing for all as a guaranteed right.

Shutdown ends: Dems cave to Trump, while ‘liberals’ offer him Wall

The Democrats have gone back on their word, and brought the Dreamers to the edge of the cliff after eliminating their most significant piece of leverage, and handing all the negotiating power back to Trump and the Republicans.

Brooklyn’s immigrants tell Trump: ‘Haitians stand up, never give up!’

The 1804 Movement will continue to organize against the racist attacks of the Trump administration.

January 19 in New York City: Haitian community calls for mass demonstration against Trump's racist, anti-immigrant words and policies

The ANSWER Coalition urges its supporters to attend the following demonstration initiated by progressive organizations in the Haitian community against Donald Trump's disgusting racism in both word and deed.

Protests held against Trump's racist attack on Temporary Protected Status

Hundreds of thousands of refugees from El Salvador and Haiti have had their "Temporary Protected Status" revoked as the Trump administration intensifies its war on immigrants. See photos and video from just a few cities where the ANSWER Coalition mobilized.

People rally during new court hearing for political prisoner Mumia Abu-Jamal: “Mumia’s life is in our hands!”

The decades-long struggle to free falsely imprisoned political prisoner Mumia Abu-Jamal took another step forward Jan. 17 as a Philadelphia judge heard the first of a new round of arguments focusing on the corrupt and unconstitutional handling of Mumia’s case by the Philadelphia Police Department and District Attorney’s office.

ANSWER Coalition contingents honor Dr. King's legacy of struggle against war, racism and poverty

ANSWER Coalition activists joined actions marking Martin Luther King Day across the country, honoring his true legacy of uncompromising struggle against war, racism and poverty.

Pack the Courthouse for Mumia Abu-Jamal

In a court case that could eventually lead to Mumia’s freedom, Judge Leon Tucker has ordered the District Attorney’s office to present new testimony in reference to Ronald Castille. The hearing will take place Jan. 17.

Resist the Trump administration's war on immigrants!

In recent days the Trump administration has escalated its racist war on immigrants to new heights. But the people can fight back and win! Read updates and an action alert from several fronts of this struggle.

Kim Jong-un’s New Year Address and the Prospect for Peace

"Peace and anti-war forces in the United States, too, need to press their own government to give South Korea the room to chart its own course"


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