National Day of Action on Wed, Aug. 24: Support Striking Verizon Workers

The ANSWER Coalition is initiating a National Day of Action to support striking Verizon workers. On Wednesday, Aug. 24, coordinated actions will happen in many cities across the country, with activists mobilizing for union picket lines and calling solidarity protests.

There's only one solution to Afghanistan war

Rebutting the claims of President Obama and other top U.S. officials of “improved security,” death and destruction in Afghanistan are spiraling as the tenth anniversary of the U.S./NATO war approaches.

Debt Deal: Wall Street banks' victorious assault on working families

For weeks, Democrats and Republicans have debated about whether to stab poor and working people in the back or in the chest. With their deal, President Obama and the Democratic Party have agreed with the Republicans that yes, stabbing working people in the chest will do just fine.

Leon Panetta in Iraq: More lies, more war

New Secretary of Defense brings back Bush-era rhetoric, pushes to extend occupation

ANSWER Coalition Raffle: Win A Brand New iPad 2!

To sustain our continued work for peace and social justice, the ANSWER Coalition is raffling off a brand new iPad 2 ($500 value)!

New Video With Eyewitness Footage: The Truth Behind the U.S./NATO War on Libya

The ANSWER Coalition has produced a brand new video with on-the-ground footage of the U.S./NATO atrocities against Libya.

Apply for an ANSWER internship today!

ANSWER is accepting interns for the Summer. Learn valuable skills and be a part of the struggle!

Stop Bombing Libya Protest in Washington, D.C.

This Saturday, July 9, there will be a mass protest at the White House in Washington, D.C. to demand: Stop Bombing Libya.

Video: Brian Becker speaks at Eyewitness Libya forum

The U.S. government and NATO claim Libya bombing is for "humanitarian" reasons; is that really conceivable?

Veterans, active-duty troops: 'Obama’s speech means nothing to us and our families'

Obama's announcement on June 22 means nothing will change; more deployments, more deaths, more crippling wounds, more psychological trauma, for years and years to come.


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