Step up the struggle on Sat, March 19: Resist the war machine!

A renewed wave of struggle is gaining momentum abroad and at home. It's time to step up our struggle. On March 19, we will take to the streets in an international day of action against war and occupation.

Eyewitness report from Wisconsin

Today is the without a doubt the biggest day of demonstrations yet since workers and students took to the streets a week ago to protest Gov. Scott Walker’s assault on the public sector’s collective bargaining rights.

Veterans and GIs to the Wisconsin National Guard: ‘Stand with the workers and students!’

We are writing to you as veterans and active duty troops, who are watching closely the growing protests in your state. Your governor, Scott Walker, is preparing to use you to smash the right of your family, friends and neighbors to peacefully demonstrate. There are two sides in this fight.

6 things you can do to build March 19

March 19 provides the opportunity to hit the streets and demand real change right here in the United States.

Jeremy Marks Defense Committee Newsletter: 'We're breaking the media silence'

To keep Jeremy out of jail and to continue our work, we need your action and support. Sign the petition and donate today.

March 19 Coalition sets plans for Los Angeles protest

Anti-war, community and student organizations attended a meeting of the March 19 Coalition at Immanuel Presbyterian Church.

Sign the Petition: Drop All Charges Against Jeremy Marks

Jeremy Marks, an 18-year-old African American high school student, was arrested in May 2010 and charged with a felony for merely videotaping a Los Angeles Unified School District Police officer beating another student.

Amazing matching grant offer of $11,000

ANSWER supporter Judi Cheng has made a generous offer: She will match any donation to ANSWER—up to $11,000—received between now and Dec. 31. All donations are tax-deductible. Please make a donation to support our work!

Los Angeles holiday protest demands immediate end to U.S. wars

Despite heavy rain, over 100 people gathered to demand an end to the U.S. wars on Afghanistan and Iraq.

50 percent of our tax dollars go to pay for war

The ANSWER Coalition is working day in and day out against war and the obscene militarization of society. Nearly 50 percent of our tax dollars pay for war, weapons or debt for past wars. That is an outrage! Help us intensify our work in the coming year!

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