ANSWER LA responds to attack on Eyewitness Libya forum

This is a response to the opinion article "No Libyans allowed at ANSWER Libya forum," posted on the Daily Kos and to various email lists on June 23, 2011. The writer of the response is the co-coordinator of the ANSWER Coalition in Los Angeles.

Eyewitness Libya: Cynthia McKinney Nationwide Speaking Tour

The ANSWER Coalition is sponsoring a nationwide speaking tour featuring former Congressional representative and presidential candidate Cynthia McKinney, who is currently in Libya on her second fact-finding mission.

Reality Check: The Profound Hypocrisy of President Obama’s Speech on the Middle East

President Obama took to the airwaves today to discuss the revolts and conflicts spreading throughout the Middle East. The U.S. dominance over this strategic and oil-rich region has been the pivot of U.S. foreign policy for decades.

What you need to know about the May 21 Organize & Fight Back Conference

This Saturday, join students, workers, activists and organizers for an "Organize and Fight Back" Socialism Conference at Los Angeles City College. There will be speakers, workshops, discussion, strategizing and plans for upcoming actions to build the movement for socialism.

Speakers and workshops at Los Angeles Socialism Conference

On Saturday, May 21, ANSWER member group, the Party for Socialism and Liberation, will hold a day-long, regional conference on socialism in Los Angeles. Come learn about the alternative to capitalist exploitation—and what we can do to get there.

VIDEO: May 21 Socialism Conference in Los Angeles

A new fightback movement is rising. From Egypt and Tunisia to Wisconsin and Ohio, workers are taking a stand against oppression and exploitation.

Palestinian unity: supported by masses, opposed by occupiers

On May 4, the Palestinian National Reconciliation Agreement was signed in Cairo calling for the creation of a unified Palestinian government.

VIDEO: 'U.S. has no plans to end occupation of Afghanistan'

Brian Becker, National Coordinator of the ANSWER Coalition, discusses the real motives behind the U.S. occupation: not going after Osama Bin Laden or Al-Qaeda, but rather establishing U.S. military bases in a geostrategically important region of the world.

Tens of thousands march on May Day in Los Angeles

Tens of thousands of people joined a spirited mass march and rally in Los Angeles to commemorate May Day, a day that belongs to all workers.

Video: Join students and teachers at a fight back conference for education this Saturday

On Saturday, May 7, join students, young people, teachers and others for a Student & Teacher Fight Back Conference. There will be speakers, organizing sessions, strategizing and plans for action.

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