Featured Speakers at Mar. 22 Conference Against Police Terror

Exciting list of speakers at the Statewide Conference in Los Angeles

Dramatic actions shut down ICE offices in L.A. and D.C.

Immigrants and their supporters from East to West are sitting down in civil disobedience to shut down Immigration and Customs Enforcement operations.

NO JUSTICE, NO PEACE' New documentary on the battle against police brutality

Watch this original documentary on the new, growing movement against police brutality and racist violence.

5 reasons why General Petraeus is a war criminal

From illegal torture, to covering-up murder, to drone strikes on civilians.

VIDEO: Families of Police Brutality Victims Give Powerful Testimony

Powerful testimony from dozens of family members who lost a loved one to police brutality, at the July 21

Live Stream: Statewide March Against Police Brutality

On the 1 year anniversary of the murder of Manuel Diaz, scores of families of police brutality victims are calling on people of conscious all over California to unite for a mass march in Anaheim. Only a people's movement can turn the tide against the epidemic of police brutality.

July 21: Zimmerman is Free - Killer Cops are Free - We've Got to Fight Back!

On July 21 in Anaheim, people from all over the state will be gathering for a mass march against racism and police brutality.

South LA residents speak out: "Why I'm Marching for Trayvon Martin"

South LA residents speak out about why they are marching for Trayvon Martin and against the war on Black & Brown youth.

LA protest against U.S./NATO and Israeli intervention in Syria

Demonstration in Los Angeles to demand an end to U.S./NATO and Israeli intervention in Syria

Arceo family and supporters shut down Cudahy town hall meeting

Protestors march, shut down town hall meeting to demand justice for Rigoberto Arceo, who was murdered by police in Cudahy

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