SU training drill equates student protests with "disaster"

On July 30, Syracuse University held a troubling “mock disaster/training drill” on the quad, complete with a large law enforcement presence. In this article, Youth and Student ANSWER recounts the scene and analyzes the implications of the drill.

ANSWER extends solidarity to Aly Wane

Writing on behalf of ANSWER Syracuse, Maddie Horrell extends our utmost and unconditional solidarity to Aly Wane, who is courageously “coming out” as undocumented.

CRB releases findings on police brutality investigation

On June 1, a CRB panel finished their investigation into a complaint filed by ANSWER organizers Adam C'DeBaca and Risa Cantu C'DeBaca that stemmed from a Jan. 19 police attack.

SU student group responds to chancellor's statement on the death of Bassel al Shahade

The SU chapter of Youth and Student ANSWER, while saddened by the loss of an SU community member, is also deeply troubled by the e-mail and statement that Chancellor Nancy Cantor released in response.

VIDEO: May Day 2012 march

Watch video from the May Day 2012 march in Syracuse. This video was taken while the march was stopped in front of the Bank of America headquarters downtown.

VIDEO: Unite anti-racist and labor struggles

Risa Cantu C'DeBaca, an activist with ANSWER Syracuse, speaks at a local May Day rally about the special oppression of immigrants and people of color, and the importance of fighting racism and exploitation.

A new war crisis looms in Korea

Smaller countries want to develop their independent technological capabilities so as to avoid relentless bullying from world imperialism. Washington, however, treated the DPRK's April 13 satellite launch as a virtual act of act of war.

"KONY 2012," AFRICOM, and the 21st Century Scramble for Africa

Read a presentation by an ANSWER Coalition organizer at a recent class on "KONY 2012."

Press conference demands report on Raul Pinet Jr.'s death

A broad coalition of community groups known as the United as One Coalition (UaO) held a press conference today where they demanded the release of the New York State Commission on Correction’s report regarding the death of Raul Pinet Jr. at the hands of the Onondaga County Sheriff’s Department.

Interview: Latina activist stands up for immigrants

On Jan. 25, Priscilla Santana and her friend were pulled over by Syracuse police for having a "noisy muffler." As a result of that stop, police called federal immigration agents, who essentially disappeared her friend.

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