New York police suppress mass march of thousands from Wall St. to Brooklyn

In a premeditated plan to suppress a peaceful protest of more than 5,000 people, the New York City Police trapped and arrested more than 700 people today in lower Manhattan as they marched from the Occupy Wall Street encampment to Brooklyn.

District attorney exonerates brutal and killer cops

Onondaga County district attorney William Fitzpatrick has been busy sweeping cases of police brutality under the rug and helping to exonerate killer cops.

Why elections matter -- to the capitalists

Imagine if George W. Bush had received a four-year extension to his term of office and he alone had presided over the bailout, the surge of troops in Afghanistan, the deportation of 1 million immigrants, and the bombing of an African country.

Local organizations host workshop on juvenile justice system

On Aug. 25, members of the Syracuse community gathered on the city's Southside for a presentation about navigating the juvenile "justice" system.

The Truth About the Situation in Libya

Government propaganda and media lies have worked to cover up the truth of the Libyan revolt and the NATO intervention designed to overthrow the Libyan government.

Verizon workers determined to win

Verizon workers remain determined and steadfast on picket lines across the Northeast. In Syracuse, NY, workers are striking at several locations, including a 24-hour picket on Thompson Rd.

Victory to Verizon workers!

More than 45,000 workers are striking against communications giant Verizon. The company, which claimed over $10 billion in net profits last year, wants the workers who make the company run to take $1 billion in cuts.

Community stands up to police and prison brutality

On the heels of yet another incident of police brutality, over 50 demonstrators converged in front of the Onondaga County “Justice” Center, right next to city police headquarters, to protest law enforcement brutality.

IBEW local 97 workers win new contract

After an 18-day struggle, workers at the Nine Mile Point nuclear power plant in Scriba, NY, won a new contract.

Aug. 6 protest to demand justice for Chuniece Patterson and Raul Pinet Jr.!

On Aug. 6, the Syracuse community will once again take to the streets to demand justice for victims of law enforcement brutality, misconduct and neglect.

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