Tens of thousands flood airports to demand: "No ban, no wall!"

In response to the Trump administration's anti-immigrant, anti-Muslim offensive, crowds number in the tens of thousands have been gathering in protest at airports across the country.

Protests planned countrywide for 1-month anniversary of Trump Inauguration

On and around the one-month anniversary of Trump's Inauguration, massive crowds will take to the streets once again to show their opposition to his far-right agenda.

Webinar/Teach-in: Challenging Missile Defense in the Age of Trump

Join us to discuss how to fight missile defense in the age of Trump and stop THAAD deployment in South Korea.

FULL VIDEO: ANSWER Coalition Counter-Inauguration Rally

Tens of thousands of protesters confronted Trump as his motorcade went along the parade route, often outnumbering Trump supporters, as The Guardian reported.

NYC activists: “Free political prisoner Ahmad Sa’adat!”

Activists lined the sidewalk outside of the Union Square Best Buy in New York City in one of many coordinated actions around the world calling for the release of Palestinian political prisoner Ahmad Sa’adat and a boycott of Hewlett-Packard products.

Thousands protest Trump directly on Inaugural parade route

The enormous outpouring of anti-Trump protesters in Washington D.C., and indeed the country and the world, on January 20 was a sight to behold. Tens of thousands came to Washington DC to inaugurate the resistance to Trump’s ultra-right wing, pro-Wall Street agenda.

Outrage: Media told by government that they are barred from covering Navy Memorial Protest at Trump Inaugural!

This is an outrage, a blatant act of political discrimination, and a grave threat to free speech and the right to dissent in the Trump Era.

Breaking News: Navy Memorial will now be the site of largest protest on the Inaugural Parade Route

The Navy Memorial stage will feature leaders from every grassroots movement — immigrant rights, labor, environmental justice, women’s rights, Movement for Black Lives, LGBTQ equality, anti-war and others — as well as progressive leaders from the whole spectrum of faith communities. Artists, musicians and DJs will be performing throughout the day.

Second site secured for Jan. 20 Mass Protest at the Inauguration!

I support the #Jan20 Protest at Trump’s Inauguration! Permits secured for Navy Memorial 7am #InaugurateTheResistance

Permits secured for Jan. 20 Mass Protest at the Inauguration!

Assemble at 8th St. and Pennsylvania Ave NW. Organizers plan to set up a stage and sound system directly on the Inaugural Parade Route to loudly say No! to the Trump Agenda.

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