A new war crisis looms in Korea

Smaller countries want to develop their independent technological capabilities so as to avoid relentless bullying from world imperialism. Washington, however, treated the DPRK's April 13 satellite launch as a virtual act of act of war.

Teach-in featuring Ramsey Clark marks ninth anniversary of Iraq war

The San Francisco chapter of the ANSWER Coalition (Act Now to Stop War and End Racism), in partnership with the Unitarian Universalists for Peace, held a widely attended event on the ninth anniversary of the Iraq war exposing the atrocities committed by the U.S. government and the Pentagon.

Atrocities Of War, The American Way

Read the statement by Kevin Cooper, innocent San Quentin prisoner on death row, presented to the March 25th teach-in sponsored by ANSWER San Francisco on the role of U.S. imperialism in Iraq and the Middle East.

An appeal from ANSWER SF: Help make March 25 a success

The ANSWER Coalition in partnership with the Unitarian Universalists for Peace-S.F., will sponsor a teach-in, “War Crimes and Regime Change in the Middle East,” on Sunday March 25—and we need your help today.

Thu., March 15 SF Emergency rally -- End Afghanistan War Now! PLUS March 25 teach-in w/ Ramsey Clark

We encourage all of our members and supporters to join us for this important emergency rally on Thursday, March 15 at 5pm at Powell and Market to call for an immediate end to the Afghanistan war. Read the press statement by the ANSWER Coalition.

600 demonstrators take to the streets of San Francisco in solidarity with Iran

In San Francisco, approximately 600 people participated in the protest action on Feb. 4 denouncing U.S. threats against Iran. The protest was part of a "No Iran War" Day of Action.

ANSWER Coalition occupies Bank of America in San Francisco

As part of the Jan. 20 Day of Action initiated by Occupy Wall Street West, the ANSWER Coalition contingent occupied the Bank of America at Powell and Market Streets in San Francisco.

Occupy SF fights for people’s homes

On Saturday, Jan. 7, Occupy SF took its show of solidarity to San Francisco’s Excelsior district, a working-class neighborhood where evictions and foreclosures are becoming increasingly prevalent.

San Francisco joins national actions for Bradley Manning

On Dec. 17, San Francisco participated in a Global Day of Action in Support of Bradley Manning around the military court pre-trial hearing of the 23-year-old Army intelligence officer unjustly facing trial.

Occupy Oakland shuts down port

Occupy Oakland was joined by thousands of community members, workers and other supporters at picket lines that shut down the Port of Oakland as part of the West Coast Port Shutdown actions on Dec. 12. Among the participants was Scott Olsen, the Iraq war veteran and Oakland occupier who suffered a head injury when he was struck by a police tear gas canister.

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