What you can do to defeat Trump

Help Build the SF Jan. 20 Protest on the Day of Trump's Inauguration!

1000+ anti-Trump protesters march in SF rain

The demonstration, sponsored by ANSWER, was the latest among hundreds of marches, rallies, and school walk outs.

10,000+ protest Trump’s election in San Francisco

More than 10,000 people marched for hours through the streets of San Francisco in a militant and well-organized protest against Donald Trump. WATCH THE VIDEO NOW!

Get Involved! Fight Back Against Trump!

Justice for Mario Woods!

Domestic Terrorism: The SFPD Firing-Squad Execution of Mario Woods

Fuel the critically needed movement with year-end, tax-deductible donation

Volunteer Training Program - It is Right to Rebel!

From anti-war to anti-police brutality, build the movement for social justice in the streets! Join us for regular volunteer hours or participate in our Volunteer Training Program!

Video from August 1 Lyrical Revolt - ¡Hasta La Victoria Siempre!

On Saturday, Aug. 1, the ANSWER Coalition will be hosting LYRICAL REVOLT, a political-artistic space to express oneself through any vocal medium.

Video: Hundreds March in SF to End the Epidemic of Racist Police Murders

In San Francisco on Dec. 6, hundreds marched for an end to the racist epidemic of police murders and for justice for Eric Garner, Mike Brown, Alex Nieto, Tamir Rice and the hundred of others.

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