Tonight @ 8pm in SF: Protest acquital of Zimmerman! Justice for Trayvon!

Join us in an emergency demonstration to protest the racist acquital of George Zimmerman and demand justice for Trayvon Martin! Saturday, July 13, 8pm at Mission and 24th Sts., San Francisco.

Solidarity with BART workers!

BART workers went on strike July 1-5 seeking a a fair contract—one that speaks for the rights of workers and the safety of riders and workers. BART officials and the corporate media tried to blame the workers for the strike, painting them workers as greedy and inflexible—playing off commuter fears about a strike. But in reality it is BART management that is responsible.

Hundreds protest drones in San Francisco

In San Francisco, more than two hundred people gathered at the central intersection of Powell and Market to demand an end to drone attacks abroad and drone surveillance at home.

Sign the petition: Stop Boxer’s bill codifying Israeli apartheid in U.S. law!

Sen. Barbara Boxer has introduced a particularly racist bill that would codify in law U.S. support for Israel’s ongoing harassment and exclusion of those who are the primary targets when they try to visit Palestine: Palestinian Americans, other Arabs and Muslims who are U.S. nationals. Sign the petition to stop it!

Tour de Peace: The Road Less Taken

Cindy Sheehan and others are in the beginning stages of planning a bike ride from Casey Sheehan's grave in Vacaville, Ca to WashedUp, DeCeit (Washington, DC) to demand true and positive change.

Support the April 13 "Stop Drones" Protest

On April 13, in Washington DC, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Albuquerque, Sacramento and other cities there will be a National Day of Action.

Facts About the U.S. Drone Program

Learn the facts about the U.S. drone program by reading and sharing this fact sheet prepared by the ANSWER Coalition.

Hundreds Rally in San Francisco in Support of Hugo Chavez and the Bolivarian Revolution

On March 10, 2013 hundreds marched in San Francisco, from the Mission District to the statue of Simon Bolivar at UN Plaza, in tribute to Hugo Chavez and the people of Venezuela.

Investigating Hugo Chávez's death

Within hours of the announcement of the death of President Hugo Chávez, civil rights groups in the United States filed Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) demands with federal agencies seeking information and documents that "relate to or reference or discuss any information regarding or plans to poison or otherwise assassinate the President of Venezuela, Hugo Chávez."

Video "Crisis in the Congo - Uncovering the Truth"

Learn the truth about what is happening in the Congo and how people there are working for a different and just future.


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