Justice for Kevin Clark! Stop Racist Police Brutality!

With a banner reading “From the Mission District to the whole Bay Area—Stop Racist Police Brutality,” over 300 community members rallied against the most recent case of police violence in San Francisco.

Sign the petition: Justice for Kevin Clark!

Sign the petition and help spread the word! Without provocation, 18-year-old Kevin Clark was attacked by cops on motorcycles, and then assaulted by two SFPD officers. Demand an end to racist police brutality!

The Egyptian Revolution Continues

On January 25th, the ANSWER Coalition held a community forum entitled “The Egyptian Revolution Continues,” that was attended by a multi-national crowd of about sixty people.

Thousands March to Honor Legacy of Martin Luther King Jr.

The ANSWER Coalition joined thousands of people in the annual San Francisco march.

The last day to make a difference

This is the final day. The final hours. The last chance to take action and make a difference. Don't wait any longer.

What is needed now more than ever

The tumultuous events of the past few weeks show that a majority of people reject the reactionary platform of the extreme right, and we cannot rely on Democrats to carry out a truly progressive program. So what is the way forward?

Demonstrations denounce criminal war on Afghanistan

On the 11th anniversary of the criminal war on Afghanistan, people across the country took to the streets to denounce U.S. imperialism and the war machine.

Justice 4 Alan Blueford: Demand truth from the City Council!

Join the family of Oakland Police victim Alan Blueford and the Oakland community for a BBQ and to talk about the struggle against police brutality on Sept. 15. On Tuesday, Sept. 18, join us at the Oakland City Hall meeting to demand Justice for Alan Blueford!

Oct. 6: End the Afghanistan war NOW! New endorsers, new plan

As the 11th anniversary of the U.S./NATO occupation of Afghanistan nears, the danger of new and wider wars in the Middle East is on the rise. In Afghanistan and neighboring Pakistan, the death toll continues to mount for both civilians and U.S. troops. Join us in SF to demand an end to the war now.

ANSWER Back-to-School Craft and Rummage Sale!

The ANSWER Coalition is holding a fundraiser rummage and craft sale in San Francisco on Saturday, Sept. 15 -- bring in your donations on Thursday, Sept. 13, and Friday, Sept. 14!


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