ANSWER Coalition continues the struggle in 2014

Incredibly, as 2014 draws to a close, we are witnessing the re-intensification of the seemingly endless U.S. war in the Middle East, and a deepening of the complex crises that previous interventions have inflicted on the long suffering peoples of the region.

SF Emergency Protest: Justice for Michael Brown!

SF Emergency Protest: Justice for Michael Brown!

Anti-war movement responds to Obama's speech on Iraq, Syria and the Islamic State

President Obama's new war plans in Iraq and Syria will not liberate the people of either country but will lead to more destruction.

Hands Up Don't Shoot! Justice for Mike Brown!

Northern California activists Gloria La Riva and Jamier Sale traveled to Ferguson, Missouri as part of an ANSWER Coalition solidarity delegation that joined the protests against the racist police murder of Michael Brown.

Longest Blockade of Israeli Ship in History

For four days straight the San Francisco Bay Area community blocked the Israeli ZIM ship.

Double Victory! Israeli ship blocked for 2 days!

The weekend of August 16 and 17, it was no more business as usual for the apartheid state of Israel in the Bay Area.

What really happened in Ferguson last night

Last night police agencies carried out a massive attack against peaceful protestors in Ferguson, Mo.

Why Israel wanted a ceasefire now

After nearly a month of inflicting death and destruction on Gaza, the Israeli occupation forces withdrew on August 5.

July 12 San Francisco March says "FREE PALESTINE!"

Fifteen hundred people, mainly youth and students, marched through San Francisco today in opposition to genocidal Israeli airstrikes and military action against the Palestinian people.

Video of SF Protest "No New U.S. War on Iraq!"

Hear why people are protesting the new US war on Iraq

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