Attorney for Whistleblower Chelsea Manning Speaks

Public presentations by attorney David Coombs

Organized, focused and fighting back

This work has been carried out consistently for the past 12 years, in support of the Palestinian people, in opposition to the Iraq and Afghanistan wars and much more.

Justice for D’Paris Williams

On Friday, November 15, 21-year-old City College Student D'Paris Williams (a.k.a “DJ”) was unjustly beaten by 3 undercover narcotics officers

Watch Video from Oct. 29 "Justice for Andy Lopez" March

Thousands of people—the overwhelming majority Latino youth—took to the street of Santa Rosa, Cal. on Oct. 29, protesting the police killing of a 13-year-old boy. It was one of the largest demonstrations in Santa Rosa’s history.

Watch Now! New Documentary on the Fight Against Police Brutality

The film is centered around the organizing efforts of more than 40 families of police brutality victims for a statewide march in Anaheim, Calif., on July 21, 2013

Why all working people should support the BART workers

Behind the BART board stands the Bay Area Council, made up of the biggest banks and corporations in the area. They and the corporate media are waging a vicious propaganda campaign against the BART workers who keep the system running.

It's not over yet! "I oppose any new war resolution against Syria"

"I oppose any new war resolution against Syria"

It's not over yet! No War on Syria!

"I oppose any new war resolution against Syria"

Mass Demonstration at the Capitol! Tell Congress: Vote 'No War on Syria!'

Time is of the essence. We have been in the streets all over the country. The opposition to a new war is everywhere. This forced the administration to step back from imminent bombings.

Hands Off Syria!

Washington is on the march toward yet another war of aggression in the Middle East, this time targeting Syria.

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