The International People's Tribunal on U.S. Imperialism: Sanctions, Blockades, and Economic Coercive Measures

The launch event will feature a distinguished group of jurists, scholars, and activists

U.S. peace delegation calls on Japanese government to end racist discrimination against Koreans in Japan

To support the struggle of Koreans in Japan to defend their community and schools from discrimination, ANSWER Coalition organizers participated in the 1st Academic Peace Delegation to Chongryon (The General Association of Korean Residents in Japan) from November 20 to 26.

Take to the streets Sat. Jan. 14 in NYC: Peace in Ukraine -- Yes! NATO expansion -- NO!

On Saturday, January 14, in conjunction with the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday weekend, we are building another major event in New York City that will begin with a noontime rally at Times Square followed by a march and an indoor rally/teach-in.

Saturday, Nov. 19 in NYC -- The Real Path to peace in Ukraine: Negotiations, YES! Escalation, NO!

The moment is now to inaugurate a new, multi-national, grassroots movement to advocate for the end to the current war in Ukraine.

International Week of Action: The World Stands with Cuba!

As the United Nations prepares to vote for the 30th consecutive time to condemn the unjust, illegal, and immoral U.S. blockade of Cuba, actions are scheduled around the country to say “The World Stands with Cuba!” Read more

Let Cuba Rebuild! Take Action Now!

It is unconscionable at this critical hour to maintain the blockade and engage in collective punishment against an entire people.

People's Summit: Hear from Cuba & Venezuela's foreign ministers

Activists land in Cuba with emergency medicine delivery

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